Halwey is under the auspices of PT. Pacific Holistic Hexagon. Starting from the Founder, Mrs. Fiki Mardhiyyah, a teacher who is concerned and cares about the condition of the faces of the students who are teenagers. Since then, Halwey has started presenting facial soap products made from milk, in collaboration with producers of Natural home production products, until now Halwey has been able to produce on a large scale that is certified by BPOM, ISO22716, GMP (CPKB BPOM), and also Halal assurance certificate of Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars.(MUI)

Halwey, a brand that was born to help treat skin with natural ingredients so that it is far from negative ingredients and is also Halal so that it is not only safe but also able to bring a sense of comfort to all Halwey users.., Halwey believes that everyone has the right to get skin that is so beautiful and healthy, and has the right to feel comfortable doing activities at any time without fear of being dull and far from feeling insecure anymore!

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Halwey’s consumers are free and chargeless to consult about their skin problems. Halwey's Staff is ready to serve the consumers' questions before they make purchasing. So they buy according to their skin needs. Halwey always uses natural and quality ingredients, the use of Halwey does not cause dangerous dependence