Halwey New Sonic Blackhead Remover with 3 Level Smooth (Beauty Tools)

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Halwey New Sonic Blackhead Remover

(The latest innovation in the world of beauty clinics. Sophisticated treatments only from home. Safe & very easy to use)

👉🏻 There are 5 types of blackhead suction heads that can be selected according to skin needs & skin conditions.

👉🏻 Has 3 levels of blackhead suction power. You can choose from the softest, medium, to strong sucks but have a little time apart.

👉🏻 Advantages & Benefits of Sonic Blackhead Remover that you must have:

1. Multi-Function.
This blackhead remover tool can help you easily solve the source of all facial problems; remove blackheads, acne, dead skin cells, effectively clean dirt, dust, pollution and sweat, reduce fine lines, dermabrasion and as a stage of skin rejuvenation.

2. Thorough Cleaning with Strong Suction.
The suction head can be changed to choose the one that suits your skin’s needs. Vibration & suction into the pores is designed with advanced microdermabrasion therapy & smart vacuum suction. Powerful suction technology for VERY CLEAN levels for your skin.

3. Portable machine and USB Rechargeable.
This Electric Blackhead remover machine is lightweight, easy to carry. Built-in rechargeable battery, saving and the machine can last more than 180 minutes on a single charger, easy to carry for skin care at home, travel and outdoor activities.

4. Highly Effective and Safe.
This machine is made of environmentally friendly material, namely ABS. This innovative machine has a vacuum that will not harm your skin, even making your face smoother and softer.
This machine is suitable for all skin types.

👉🏻 Conclusion:
– This machine has a suction power that can be adjusted to the needs of the skin and skin conditions. Make sure the method of use is in accordance with what is listed.
– This Sonic Blackhead Remover machine is also SAFE for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, thin skin, and combination skin.
– Safe for pregnant women, because this machine does not produce light therapy.
– After use, it is recommended to cool the pores with cold water (Ice)

_ Prizes Exclusive Pouch Halwey
_ Tool (Machine) Warranty

Weight 300 g


5 Basic Benefits of a super friendly Blackhead Suction Machine.
– Remover Blackhead
– Reduce Wrinkles
– Reduce Oil
– Exfoliate Calluses
– Exfoliate Dead Skin

How to use

1. Please use this machine product after the pores are open. Namely by compressing facial skin with a hot towel / warm nails. This is important.
2. Choose the suction head according to the skin’s needs (there are 5 suction head items).
3. Press the start button until the light appears, then select the level of suction strength you need.
4. Medium Strength; for normal skin
Medium Strength; for dry skin
High Strength; for oily skin
For maximum results & feel more comfortable, you can try all levels from medium to high strength.
5. To turn off the machine, Long click on the start button.
6. The power indicator will flash when charging. And the light will keep on when it’s full.


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