Halwey Sonic Facial Cleanser Deep Cleanser (Beauty Tools)

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In addition to Skincare products, what you need to maximize the beauty of your skin is to equip it with Beauty Tools.
The basic function of beauty tools is so that the absorption of the skincare you use really absorbs into the layers of the skin properly.

Sonic Facial Cleanser Halwey is a facial cleansing tool in the form of a brush that is very soft and has a smooth vibration, as a solution to clean the face to the skin pores in a very easy way!

👉🏻 Has 3 function areas on the tool:

1. The soft front silicone brush, and the vibration of the very fine brush, can clean the face gently and thoroughly to the ends of the facial area.

2. Soft Silicone Line on the back, functions as an anti-aging, for the massage process so that the skin is able to work optimally when using Essence / Serum after a facial cleansing session. So that the skin can become more moist and the surface of the skin tone (Skin Barrier) is getting better.

3. The bottom side of the non-silicone section, serves to tighten the skin and keep the V-shape of the facial skin tight. And stay young!

👉🏻 Let’s get to know the benefits more deeply..

– Cleans facial skin very cleanly, without leaving a dry and stiff effect on the skin.
– Highly recommended for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, oily skin with large pores that are prone to blackheads, and can also be used for normal skin care.
– This product can increase the absorption of skin care products that are being used.

👉🏻 Tool Description

– Sonic Facial Cleanser by Halwey is a waterproof facial cleanser that channels Sonic pulses through soft silicone touch points for deep, gentle cleansing.
– It has a thicker touch point cleans oily skin, especially in the T-Zone, and a thinner brush touch point is suitable for sensitive or dry skin.
– Combining the pulsating T-Sonic vibration with a non-abrasive silicone brush, this powerful yet complete tool removes dead skin cells and removes dirt.
– Vibration / Sonic strength that can be set up to 6,000 turns, there is a vibration control button.
– The surface of the machine is waterproof with the latest technology, namely IPX7
– Shape Tools that are easy to hold, easy to use, and easy to carry anywhere.
– Quality silicone surface, so durable and not easy to mold.
– Safe for pregnant women
– Can be used from teenagers
– Portable and USB machines Have long-lasting battery power.

Special for you:
_ Get Product (Machine) Warranty
_ Prizes Exclusive Pouch Halwey
_Free to choose the color Pink or Tosca you like (as long as stock lasts)

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